Top 8 Dental Tips for Kids Dental Care

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1. Dental care for kids starts young

The sooner you get your children used to taking care of their teeth, the smoother it will be for all of you. As soon as your baby begins teething you should begin brushing. An early trip to the dentist can nip future troubles in the bud!

2. Make it a habit

The goal of all your practice with your children should be to make good oral care a habit. That way they’ll do it on their own. They’ll keep up their practices long after they move out on their own. So make it part of their bedtime routine, and make sure that you keep it consistent.

3. Dental sealants for kids help a lot

Baby teeth aren’t that tough. Dental sealants for kids can help them avoid painful cavities when they’re young. They may not get the hang of brushing for several years. Early cavities can also increase their anxiety around the dentist. That won’t help either of you feel better!

4. Tooth brushing games for kids

Tooth brushing for kids seems to be on par with broccoli. Sure, it’s good for them, but that won’t stop them from throwing a fit about it. Set up a timer or use chewable dye tablets to highlight plaque. It can help make brushing their teeth fun—and therefore easier to handle.

5. Oral health in children has long term effects

Good oral health in children will help them stay healthier in general. Everyone’s mouth is crawling with bacteria. When their gums and teeth are healthy, there’s a lower chance of bacteria entering the blood stream. They can also nip some colds and sinus infections in the bud.

6. Tooth decay in children is often a diet problem

Tooth decay in children can be nipped in the bud with diet changes. Keep sugary treats just that—rare treats. Don’t let them drink pure juice. It can have more sugar than a soda! Make sure they’re eating lots of vegetables that will help clean their teeth as they chew.

7. Have an orthodontist evaluate baby teeth development

One trip to the orthodontist can help you prepare for the future. If your little one is going to need braces, it’s best to figure that out quickly. You can also tell if your child has been sucking on their thumb, and other bad habits, based on how their teeth are coming in. The orthodontist will have plenty of tips on aiding baby teeth development.

8. Stick with regular appointments

The best thing you can do for your children’s teeth is bring them to the dentist on time. Regular checkups and cleanings will keep them on the right path. You can course correct if they start having problems. Best of all, you’ll catch problems early. The sooner you can get cavities filled, the lower the odds your child will need more advanced procedures like root canals.

Give your child the best start in life with good oral hygiene habits. Take them to the dentist, make sure they have a balanced diet, and do what you can to make visiting the dentist stress-free. You’ll set them up for a lifetime of success.  Dr. Peabody is ready to help!


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