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Mercury Safe Removal | Santa Cruz Holistic Dentist

Santa Cruz holistic dentistMercury amalgam fillings were considered state of the art for many years. Recently, however, the push to outlaw mercury in fillings has been gathering steam. While other countries have moved on the issue more quickly than the USA, many dentists are opting out of mercury on their own. If you’re looking for mercury removal in Santa Cruz, this quick guide will cover the basics of removal from your Santa Cruz holistic dentist.

Why remove mercury fillings

Your Santa Cruz holistic dentist will be able to run down the reasons behind mercury removal in more detail. Essentially, many amalgam fillings are made using a variety of metals. One such compound is mercury. From a chemistry point of view, using mercury is sound. It allows the heated filling to become malleable, allowing the dentist to shape it however they need. This contributed to the mercury amalgam filling’s popularity. However, there are signs that suggest that the mercury in your fillings may be released mercury vapor. This seeps into the food you eat and the air that you breath. Mercury in the blood is known to cause a variety of symptoms, from fatigue and low energy to mental instability. “Mad as a hatter” didn’t originally come from Alice in Wonderland—it came from hatters who, exposed to mercury for long periods of time, would become mentally unstable.

Removing your filling(s) can drastically cut your exposure to mercury. Many people report improved health, and even a reduction in the symptoms of illnesses like fibromyalgia. Even if mercury fillings aren’t causing health problems it may still be in your best interests to remove them.

Mercury amalgam alternatives

In the years since the mercury amalgam filling became mainstream there have been wonderful advances in dentistry. Ceramic fillings are stronger than they’ve ever been before. They can be carefully color matched and shaped to improve the quality of your smile. In some cases, a ceramic or cured in place filling is better looking than the original tooth!

Besides just looking better, mercury amalgam alternatives are better for your teeth. Mercury expands and contracts when exposed to extreme hots and colds. You may not realize that when you bite into something cold like ice cream, your filling shrinks just a little. Similarly, when you take a sip of hot coffee, it expands. All this movement puts strain on the tooth that it’s filling. While no one contraction or expansion is enough to cause serious damage, over a long period of time your filling can work itself loose.

Safety precautions during the procedure- Santa Cruz holistic dentist

Don’t be alarmed if your holistic dentist in Santa Cruz wants to take precautions while your fillings are removed. Many mercury removal Santa Cruz specialists take great care to keep their patients comfortable and relaxed during the procedure. The exact offerings of your Santa Cruz holistic dentist will vary, but many offer cooling of the filling during remove. This prevents it from releasing much vapor. They also may offer you an external source of air, just to be sure you don’t breathe in any mercury during the removal process.

Mercury removal in Santa Cruz can be tough to find. The right Santa Cruz holistic dentist, Dr. Peabody, can get you on the path to great health. Your non-mercury fillings will look great, feel better, and definitely won’t contain powerful toxins. Contact us today!


Santa Cruz Teeth Whitening for Life

Santa Cruz Teeth Whitening For Life

Even dentists know that people don’t like going to the dentist. Dr. Peabody knows you need an extra incentive to get into the dentist chair twice a year. Out of an effort to provide exceptional care, Santa Cruz Teeth Whitening for Life was born. This program rewards patients who prioritize their oral hygiene appointments with low-cost cosmetic tooth whitening—for life! Here’s what the program looks like for you.

Reduced whitening costs

The first step in the Whitening for Life program is customizing your bleaching trays and gels. The bleaching tray is customized to fit your mouth securely in order to hold the whitening agent in place. This first round and the trays typically cost around $400. However, Dr. Peabody’s Whitening for Life program reduces the cost to $119. With a savings of $281, whitening is more affordable than ever.

So, where does the “for life” come in? The answer is simple. Once you have your trays and your first round of whitening gel, you receive a touch-up kit every six months, on the house. It’s important to note that membership in the Whitening for Life program comes with only a few requirements. As long you keep the guidelines, you receive your complimentary cleaning kit every six months for the rest of your life.

Make a commitment to great oral health

To maintain your Whitening for Life membership, keep your visits up to date, and schedule routine visits every six months. You’ll receive your touch-up kit after your scheduled dental appointment. These kits keep your smile as bright and white as it is healthy, thanks for your regular preventative maintenance check ups.

Preventative maintenance is always better than emergency repairs. This is true of your car, your roof, and especially your teeth. Twice yearly hygiene visits to your dentist reduce dental and periodontal disease, and give your dentist a chance to check for any emerging issues. Not to mention, your teeth and gums get a good deep cleaning. Emergency tooth problems are expensive and painful; however, regular checkups prevent them from sneaking up on you. Dr. Peabody knows that the need for regular, preventative maintenance is important for your teeth, and is willing to offer the Santa Cruz Teeth Whitening for Life program.

Stay a Santa Cruz Teeth Whitening for Life member through professional notice

The final requirement for maintaining your membership in the Whitening for Life program is to give ample notice of changes or cancellations. Life can be unexpected, but everyone appreciates professional courtesy. Dr. Peabody and staff need time to prepare for every visit. If you need to cancel or change your appointment, a two-day notice is required. Just call 831-457-0343 to request a different appointment date or time and maintain your membership in the Whitening for Life club.

By simply committing to great oral health and giving a two-day notice of any changes, you get free Santa Cruz Teeth Whitening kits for the rest of your life. Prevent dental disease and get the brilliant smile you’ve always wanted with a membership in the Whitening for Life program. Call 831-457-0343 to set up your first appointment and learn more about how the Whitening for Life program can help you.


Questions to ask a Santa Cruz Dentist Before Getting Dental Implants

Santa Cruz Dental Implant Three Questions to AskSanta Cruz is a city known for its deep tans and California smiles. Santa Cruz dental implants are becoming a popular alternative to dentures, for people looking to improve their smile. You may have heard about dental implants from a friend or your dentist. Before you getting your assessment, there are three important questions to ask. These questions cover the basics for a healthy transplant and a safe surgery.

1. What are the odds my body will reject the implant

The first and most important question to ask your dentist is whether your body can handle the implant. The titanium alloy used to make the screws is actually very rare. Because of this, allergies to the alloy are likewise very rare, but can happen. If you haven’t had contact with the metal before, there’s no way to know for sure if your body will reject the implant. However, if you have certain allergies the dentist can tell you that it’s more likely that you’ll have a reaction compared to other people. Likewise, if you already have titanium alloys in your body from other surgeries, your dentist can tell you if that’s enough to show that you probably won’t have a reaction to the implant.

2. Are my gums and bone structure healthy enough for an implant

This next question is equally important. Your dentist will need to examine your teeth and gums to verify if you are a good candidate for a dental implant. You need to have strong bone structure and healthy gums before the implant will take.

If your teeth and gums are not currently in the best condition to receive an implant, ask your Santa Cruz dental implant specialist what steps to take in order to get there. In general, brushing and flossing is the best way to help your gums improve. If you’ve been taking only average care of your teeth, your Santa Cruz dental implant specialist may need to see a certain amount of improvement from your gums before they clear you for surgery.

3. Will any of my medications complicate the procedure

Be sure you disclose any medications you are taking, to your dentist, at each visit. Even still, take special care to mention all of your medications at your evaluation and ask if any of them pose a problem. Some medications that increase bleeding, for example, also increase the risk associated with the procedure. You may have to work something out between your medical needs and your dental needs so that you either find an alternative to dental implants or find an alternative treatment that will allow you to have your surgery without risk.

Don’t waste time.

Be sure to ask your Santa Cruz dental specialist, Dr. Peabody, these three questions. Making sure your teeth and gums are healthy and compatible to implants is an important step. In addition, let your specialist know if you have any allergies or are taking any medications, as these are factors in determining whether you are a good candidate for implants. If you find that you are an excellent candidate for implants, contact Dr. Peabody, your Santa Cruz dental implant specialist and get started on the road to an attractive smile!


Santa Cruz Restorative Dentist: Form and Function

When you’re looking for restorative dentists, Dr. Peabody your Santa Cruz Dentist is the place to look. Santa Cruz restorative dentistry takes pain and problems and replaces them with functionality—and more. The health benefits of restorative dentistry are proven. Talk to your Santa Cruz dental specialist Dr. Peabody to see how much you stand to gain through only a few procedures.

Health benefits of a Santa Cruz restorative dentist

Restorative dentistry simply means making repairs to your teeth. This process addresses the immediate health concerns that come with a tooth problem such as a cavity. If you have a cavity, the problem only gets worse if left untreated. If your tooth breaks or falls out, not only is your ability to chew impaired, but the pain can be excruciating. In conjunction, additional stress to your other teeth becomes a major concern; as you have less surface area to chew with, putting more stress on the surrounding teeth. Unfortunately, this causes additional breaks.

Fillings, crowns, and bridges are all ways that restorative dentist Dr. Peabody treats your immediate health concerns. These procedures eliminate the pain and sensitivity that come with an exposed cavity. You can stop the spread of infection and gain more surface area to chew on at the same time.

Long term, many periodontal diseases are linked with disparate medical conditions. In addition, heart disease and plaque build-up can also be linked. Any infections in your head can easily become serious; for example, a decayed tooth becomes an infected jaw. Contact Dr. Peabody, your local Santa Cruz Restorative Dentist, right away if you have or suspect you have an urgent dental problem.

Prolonging the health of your teeth

Restorative dentistry is the best solution to problems found in your mouth, short of preventing them. It’s an old saying by now, but surely you’ve heard it, “You don’t have to floss all your teeth, just the ones you want to keep”. Taking five minutes out of your day to brush and floss does a great deal to cut down on your need for restorative procedures.

It’s important to see a Santa Cruz dental specialist for your restorative and preventative needs. Many restorative procedures do not require special certification or additional classes, but if your dentist isn’t comfortable with a particular procedure they may recommend someone else. Typically, you can get your restorative procedures at the same location you have your teeth cleaned.

Cosmetic benefits of restorative dentistry

Restorative dentistry can help you feel great, but it can also make you look younger. Our smile is one of the first signs of aging. If your teeth are broken, discolored, or missing, it adds 10-20 years to your face, just like that. Simple, restorative procedures easily replace missing teeth with dental implants and fix broken teeth as well, ensuring that you look your best.

When it comes to Santa Cruz restorative dentist, Dr. Peabody is a high quality local option. Dr. Peabody is a Santa Cruz dental specialist to work with who makes restorative dentistry as simple and pain free as it can be. Many people are afraid of the dentist, but it only takes a couple good experiences to realize that the form and function of restorative dentistry is worth the nerves.