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Mercury Safe Removal | Santa Cruz Holistic Dentist

Santa Cruz holistic dentistMercury amalgam fillings were considered state of the art for many years. Recently, however, the push to outlaw mercury in fillings has been gathering steam. While other countries have moved on the issue more quickly than the USA, many dentists are opting out of mercury on their own. If you’re looking for mercury removal in Santa Cruz, this quick guide will cover the basics of removal from your Santa Cruz holistic dentist.

Why remove mercury fillings

Your Santa Cruz holistic dentist will be able to run down the reasons behind mercury removal in more detail. Essentially, many amalgam fillings are made using a variety of metals. One such compound is mercury. From a chemistry point of view, using mercury is sound. It allows the heated filling to become malleable, allowing the dentist to shape it however they need. This contributed to the mercury amalgam filling’s popularity. However, there are signs that suggest that the mercury in your fillings may be released mercury vapor. This seeps into the food you eat and the air that you breath. Mercury in the blood is known to cause a variety of symptoms, from fatigue and low energy to mental instability. “Mad as a hatter” didn’t originally come from Alice in Wonderland—it came from hatters who, exposed to mercury for long periods of time, would become mentally unstable.

Removing your filling(s) can drastically cut your exposure to mercury. Many people report improved health, and even a reduction in the symptoms of illnesses like fibromyalgia. Even if mercury fillings aren’t causing health problems it may still be in your best interests to remove them.

Mercury amalgam alternatives

In the years since the mercury amalgam filling became mainstream there have been wonderful advances in dentistry. Ceramic fillings are stronger than they’ve ever been before. They can be carefully color matched and shaped to improve the quality of your smile. In some cases, a ceramic or cured in place filling is better looking than the original tooth!

Besides just looking better, mercury amalgam alternatives are better for your teeth. Mercury expands and contracts when exposed to extreme hots and colds. You may not realize that when you bite into something cold like ice cream, your filling shrinks just a little. Similarly, when you take a sip of hot coffee, it expands. All this movement puts strain on the tooth that it’s filling. While no one contraction or expansion is enough to cause serious damage, over a long period of time your filling can work itself loose.

Safety precautions during the procedure- Santa Cruz holistic dentist

Don’t be alarmed if your holistic dentist in Santa Cruz wants to take precautions while your fillings are removed. Many mercury removal Santa Cruz specialists take great care to keep their patients comfortable and relaxed during the procedure. The exact offerings of your Santa Cruz holistic dentist will vary, but many offer cooling of the filling during remove. This prevents it from releasing much vapor. They also may offer you an external source of air, just to be sure you don’t breathe in any mercury during the removal process.

Mercury removal in Santa Cruz can be tough to find. The right Santa Cruz holistic dentist, Dr. Peabody, can get you on the path to great health. Your non-mercury fillings will look great, feel better, and definitely won’t contain powerful toxins. Contact us today!