Cosmetic Dental Clinic

“I had multiple dental problems. Dr. Peabody corrected them and my smile is now great—and my entire mouth feels really healthy.” –Iris

Visit our Cosmetic Dental Clinic for a Beautiful Smile

local cosmetic dentistDr. Peabody’s cosmetic dental clinic focuses on improving the appearance of your teeth leaving you with a beautiful smile! For some that might mean teeth whitening. For others, more extensive work might be recommended such as bonding or porcelain veneers. For many patients, it might be time to replace metal fillings with white fillings, onlays or crowns. This is where Dr. Peabody’s experience and training is key to helping you achieve optimum dental health and of course, a beautiful smile.  Trust local cosmetic dentist Dr. Guy Peabody with your cosmetic dental care.

Dental Techniques Used in Cosmetic Dentistry

Teeth Whitening, Bleaching

find a cosmetic dentist in santa cruzHave your teeth yellowed and make you feel uncomfortable? The most conservative, inexpensive, immediate, safe, and fun way to whiten your smile is by bleaching your teeth.  We will help you brighten your smile with this time-tested, proven method of whitening teeth..


Bonding is the application of a tooth-colored composite resin (plastic) to repair a decayed, chipped, fractured or discolored tooth. Bonding can be done in a single visit. The procedure is called bonding because the material bonds to the tooth.

Porcelain Veneers and Onlays

cosmetic dental clinic before and afterIf you have discolored, crooked, or chipped front teeth, or unwanted gaps between your front teeth, porcelain veneers are a beautiful restorative solution. Porcelain veneers are strong, natural enamel-like facings that are bonded to your front teeth, giving you the gorgeous smile you are looking for.

Porcelain onlays are a fantastic restorative solution for broken down back teeth. Unlike full coverage crowns, (or “caps”), porcelain onlays restore the damaged portion of a tooth, while preserving the remaining healthy tooth structure. They are strong natural looking restorations and a great choice for conserving your tooth structure that will leave you with a beautiful smile.

Metal-Free Crowns

Do you have crowns on your front teeth that are not natural looking, broken down or show a dark line at the gum line?  Part of Cosmetic dentistry is to use the newer technology of metal-free crowns.

Dr. Peabody uses state of the art materials and the best dental labs to produce beautiful natural looking crowns that are strong and long lasting.  After receiving our top of the line crown and bridge treatment to restore your teeth, you will leave with confidence and a healthy beautiful smile.

White Fillings: Mercury-Free fillings

We use mercury-free white fillings, called composite fillings, instead of dental amalgam (silver fillings) to restore your teeth to their natural beautiful color. These esthetic composite fillings are non-metal, durable.

Many patients choose to have their older mercury type filings replaced with the healthier composite fillings. If this is you and you have concerns about the process, please schedule an appointment with Dr. Peabody to create the right dental treatment plan for your oral health today.

Dental Implants and Bridges for Replacing Missing Teeth

Dr. Peabody can provide you with dental implants or bridges that look and feel like they are your actual teeth. Unlike removable dentures,  these restorations are fixed in place and have the look, feel and function of your natural teeth.  You then enjoy the benefit of comfortable chewing and a beautiful, natural smile. If you are missing front or back teeth, ask us how dental implants or bridges can greatly benefit you.

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